Glen Lewis

What would the local dance/house music scene be without “da glenzito”? The name Glen Lewis has become synonymous with deep house tunes, electrifying masses into motion on dance floors throughout the world. As a drive-time DJ on Metro FM, Glen is both dynamite behind decks and vociferous behind the mic.

He is one of the pioneers of the MidTempo trend, releasing the first of the Mid-Tempo CD compilations in 1999. Five months later he released Numero Uno, which is a collection of pulsating Latic house tracks.  Midtempo 2000 followed. In 2001, he teamed up with DJ Fresh to release Gatecrusher Meets Afrika. Most recently, he’s proved his versatility as an artist by releasing Midtempo III, an album of underground hip-hop tracks mixed with DJ Bionic.

In constant demand throughout South Africa, Glen provides for an electrifying dance experience.