Born in Alex and Growing up in the Northern Province, Soweto and Durban has had special meanings in my upbringing.

I regard myself as a Child of the Street still to discover my true roots.

Three words to describe me: "Curious - angel - believer"

How long in Entertainment Industry?

When I finished Matric I needed money for University fast.

While working part time at the Development of SA someone recommended modelling. It was exciting and also led to appearances in movies. But it was not comfortable. I managed to raise enough money for only first year at varsity.

I cut it short, but now I'm a Law Graduate from University of Durban, Westville.

While at varsity I got involved in a Campus Radio Station as a hobby. For me it was a lot of radio, a lot of basketball, some politics and a little bit of everything else. Radio was not really my first love - I did not have respect for the profession. I just thought most DJ's are illiterate motor mouths.

Then in 1992 a radio station called Capital Radio asked me to join them, but the station asked me to quit studying; I was doing my final year for my first degree, so naturally I told him to go to hell!

The following year 1993 he was fired and the new station manager called me and I still study. Hence I joined Capital Radio and I'm please with what I've learned there -1 could work for any radio station in the world and kick ass.

While on radio I tried to practice law but it just did not work. Even today I still get calls from fellow students and lecturers who believe I will go back to law. That is still my biggest passion but broadcasting is not making it easy.

Then in 1996 I moved to Johannesburg for the following: I was part of the On Air Line Up for the launch of Kaya FM. The same year I started working for M-Net presenting a music show called "Rock Down Africa" with Gerry Rantsheli, seen in over 40 African countries.

That gave me an opportunity for almost 4 years. I travel all Africa and Europe interviewing musicians. That was tight.

Then in 1999 I moved from Kaya to Metro FM. I hosted the Metro morning Parliament - SA's biggest urban breakfast show. And am currently

Who do I respect? Who inspires me?
My Grandmother and people who beat the odds. Also beauty.

Favourite Book?
Franz Fanon - Black Skin White Masks

Currently reading
Unvanquished - the UN - USR
Boutros Boutros Ghali
Name your favourite singer
Rachel Ferrell
If you could live anywhere in the world?
The world is getting small so is SA, actually feels next door to anywhere and I'm not a rooted person but Paris for 5 years would be cool.

Favourite food?
My girl friend is actually the best cook on the planet.

Greatest extravagance?
Music and books

If I could be a politician - who and why?

Me Man is actually a political animal. Actually the more cynical people are about politics the more comfortable they are - that is if they don't do anything about their cynicism.

Favourite Movie
Sugar Mill

Favourite Date
17 March - I chose it as my birthday.

People I find it hard to be with
Ignorant and committed to staying so

Most important lesson
Man proposes God exposes