Mpho Sono

Mpho Sono, a member of the METRO FM'S LIFESYLE TEAM is probably best known for the teenage sex show
JIka Jika which she co-hosted in 1999, as well as the continuity work she currently does on SABC3. Her talents however are far more wide reaching than this. Having appeared in a number of ads,a box office hit movie, and various local TV dramas,  its hard to fathom how she manages to stay so cool and collected, and oh so humble.

As a functions MC, Mpho has graced various events with her presence; including last year's METRO FM AWARDS,SABC 3 CHICAGO LAUNCH & The LOCAL GOVERNMENT PUBLIC ADMINISTRATORS ANNUAL AWARD CEREMONY to name but a few.

Beautiful, charming and witty Mpho promises to make your event a night to remember.