If you need an MC to bring sparkle and style to your event or if you need a voice for radio ads or voice-overs our voice over artists come with loads of experience and are loved by masses.

Joey Rasdien is the epitome of South African comedy today. His endearing stage persona is intellectually absurd, physically hysterical and visually beside himself. This belies his other profession… high-level fund management and financial advising. >>read more

Paballo Jessica Moloi - PABI


Irma has been in radio as a Radio DJ and Personality for close to 8 years and has recently returned to the Kfm 94.5 team after having spent 6 years at Good Hope FM. She entered the club scene as a dj 2 years ago and has not looked back since. Although her personal music taste touches all corners of the globe, she prefers to play R&B and Hip Hop in clubs. >>read more

What would the local dance/house music scene be without “da glenzito”? The name Glen Lewis has become synonymous with deep house tunes, electrifying masses into motion on dance floors throughout the world. As a drive-time DJ on Metro FM, Glen is both dynamite behind decks and vociferous behind the mic. >>read more

Real name: Majotha Kambule. His spins are as phat as his lips. Jammin’ hip-hop all the way.
>>read more

A child of Soweto- born and bred in Pimville and known to her friends as just Aza- Azania Mosaka once a shy girl with a low self-esteem, is now a personality to be reckoned with. >>read more

Mpho Sono, a member of the METRO FM'S LIFESYLE TEAM is probably best known for the teenage sex show Jika Jika which she co-hosted in 1999, as well as the continuity work she currently does on SABC3. Her talents however are far more wide reaching than this. >>read more

“One day I want to be a drummer in a band”, says Suga, “but I don’t think I’ll ever give up radio. I got into it by accident and have since then been very fortunate.” At just 21 she became the first female DJ to host a breakfast show on commercial radio. At the time she was also the only woman on prime time commercial radio nationally. >>read more

Seipati “Twasa" as she is affectionantely known by her many adoring fans.

You may be unable to change your past, but the future is yours to shape. Keep your dreams alive, calculate the costs of achieving them & be willing to sacrifice. >>read more

When the word “fresh” (“unique, original, vibey and cool) became part of Johannesburg's street slang, its inventors must have had Kabelo Ngakane, presenter of Hola, in mind. This twenty something-year-old Channel O favourite is as fresh as a squeezed lemon, as zany as a circus clown and as loud as a building site. >>read more

Born in Alex and Growing up in the Northern Province, Soweto and Durban has had special meanings in my upbringing.

I regard myself as a Child of the Street still to discover my true roots.
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